Apr 292011

Superhost is coming to Deer Lodge.

On May 16th, from 1pm till 4pm, customer service seminar trainer Becky Henne will be hosting ‘Lost and Found in Montana’ at the Pen Convention Center at 925 Main Street. Snacks and refreshments will be provided, hosted by the Powell County Chamber of Commerce.

To register for this FREE event, please call David Williams on 846-2094, visit the Chamber Office at 1109 Main Street (M-F, 10am till 12pm, 1pm till 3pm) or email chamber@bresnan.net

If you or your staff meet tourists on a regular basis, in restaurants, motels, RV parks, stores, visitor attractions or gas stations, please consider attending this important training opportunity.

If you know someone who may benefit, please share this message with them. The more that attend this seminar, the better we can meet and service the needs of visitors to Deer Lodge.

More information is available on the flyer, which can be downloaded from this link

Press Release Follows:

Deer Lodge, Mont. – The Powell County Chamber of Commerce invites all area businesses and organizations to attend the Montana Superhost customer service workshop Lost and Found in Montana. The workshop will be at the PEN Convention Center, 925 Main St. in Deer Lodge on Monday, May 16 from 1:00 p.m. to  4:00 p.m. This session is free of charge to all participants.  Please pre-register for this session by contacting David Williams, your session host, at 406.846.2094 or email chamber@bresnan.net

Lost and Found in Montana is designed to create an awareness and understanding of Montana’s travel industry, including “geo-travelers” and to enhance the level of
customer service provided by that industry.  All of us who meet  and serve Mont ana’s visit or s can help them find what they are searching for, and not get lost along the way.  Learn how with Lost and Found in Montana.

Through Lost and Found in Montana you will learn about geo-travelers and your role in their visitor experience. You will find out where to access a wealth of traveler information and how to describe the uniqueness of Montana communities.  Go back to your job feeling more confident handling customer service challenges as well as understanding the different generations at work. This interactive training will include a geo-tourism map scavenger hunt, time to consider your natural talents, tips to establish a connection with your customers, and an activity to distinguish your business from the others that visitors choose from.  All participants are encouraged to bring brochures, flyers or information to share about area businesses or attractions and they will receive a certificate of completion.

The trainer for this Lost and Found in Montana seminar will be Becky Henne.  Becky is a dynamic facilitator who has a thorough understanding of what it means to provide outstanding service while motivating others to do the same.  With strong connections to the Montana tourism industry, her service examples and suggestions provide practical tips and tools to use immediately following the session.

This training is made available across the state by the Montana Department of Commerce Office of Tourism Montana Superhost Program and Flathead Valley Community College.  Our state tourism industry can achieve success not only by the number of guests who visit our beautiful state and their spending, but also by the quality of their stay and the number of times they return.

Should the above session not work for your schedule, the online program of Passport to Service is available 24/7 as a selfpaced format, free of charge.  Visit www.montanasuperhost.com for more details!

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