Nov 252011

With just over a week to go before the Deer Lodge Christmas Stroll, Buttons are now available.

Costing $2 each, Stroll Buttons are limited to 1000 and provide over 100 opportunities for the wearer to win prizes and Gift Certificates. During the Stroll on December 3rd, button wearers can visit local businesses in Deer Lodge, and if they find their button number matches the number in the store they receive a prize. Some merchants draw extra button numbers each week in the run up to Christmas, so be sure to visit them often.

Button numbers will also be called out during the Christmas Stroll, giving you FIVE chances to win Chamber Gift Certificates valued up to $100!

Stroll Buttons are on sale at:

  • ACE Hardware

  • J & J Variety

  • Keystone Drug & Gifts

  • Greany’s Dry Goods

  • MRC Main Street Services

  • Old Prison Museum Gift Shop

  • Valley Foods

Don’t forget, you have a better than 1 in 10 chance of receiving a winning number. So, if you buy 10 buttons for $20 you are almost guaranteed at least one Winner!

For a list of Christmas Events going on in Deer Lodge next weekend, please follow this link or visit our website


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